We Love weddings!

Weddings are an integral part of our business and one we genuinely get excited about.

Booking a band or DJ for a wedding can be a very stressful occasion. Trying to find the right music and the right act can send brides over the edge. We have both been married and realise that entertainment played a huge part in making our night successful.

We pride ourselves on a number of things but number one is service. We rely on personal contact and are more than happy to meet up and discuss the event on numerous occasions. We want you to make sure there is a connection with us and that you feel confident you are getting a great act – not just an email to confirm but a personal touch with plenty of chats over the phone or in person.

Comments back to us are always along the lines of “the band was the highlight of the night. Check out many of our references below from some of our favourite wedding bands and DJs.

Our acts have featured in many wedding magazines including Bride To Be and Cosmo Weddings.